Now complete the 5 minute ePractice Quiz to test your understanding and provide evidence for CPD.

1. Safeguarding has no legal framework and may be dealt with in different ways by each local authority and care setting.(Required)
2. Ted is a 69 year old male caring for his wife June (72) who has dementia. Ted reports during a visit that he is finding caring for his wife very difficult as she hits out at him during personal care tasks and he has therefore at times been leaving her without attending to her needs. Ted refuses homecare and states that after speaking to you he feels better and more able to cope. Ted has mentioned that June has developed a sore that is weeping but he will not call the doctor as he ‘has it under control’ and ‘June is fearful of attending appointments’. Considering the above should you:(Required)
(tick as many as you feel apply)
3. When managing and considering issues in relation to safeguarding adults, there are six principles that should underpin all safeguarding practice. Please tick the six key principles from the list below:(Required)
4. Abuse and neglect can occur in many different ways and local authorities should not restrict their views of what may constitute abuse. Which of the following constitute abuse?
4a. Providing incorrect medication is a form of abuse - True or False?(Required)
4b. To force an individual to act against their own cultural views and beliefs is not a form of abuse - True or False?(Required)
4c. Doris is 67 and been diagnosed has Dementia. She is concerned that her daughter Pat is taking money from her. Doris has informed a number of people of this and appears consistent with her claims. Pat states that she has looked after her mother finances for the past five years, and due to her deteriorating mental state Doris is now making these claims which have upset Pat. Pat states that all her mother's care and support needs are met and there is no evidence to suggest otherwise. As Doris appears to be well looked after on a daily basis and there are no concerns regarding her care, this can be recorded with no further action - True or False?(Required)
5. Safeguarding adult concerns can be raised only by professionals.(Required)
6. Safeguarding adults is a highly confidential area. As safeguarding adults is a local authority duty, information should not be shared with anyone outside of local authority employment. Is this statement correct?(Required)

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