1. Safeguarding
  2. Direct Payments
  3. Advocacy
  4. Charging and Financial Assessment
  5. Integration and Partnership Working
  6. Housing 
  7. Care and Support Documentation 
  8. Moving between Areas – Inter-Local Authority and Cross Border Issues
  9. Advice and Guidance
  10. Local Policy
  11. Standard Letters
  12. Employment

1. Safeguarding

This section includes guidance regarding safeguarding adults at risk:

The LLR Safeguarding Adults Threshold Guidance seeks to provide practitioners with support in making a decision about whether a referral regarding an adult who may be experiencing abuse or neglect, may require further safeguarding adults enquiry.

The Vulnerable Adults Risk Management (VARM) process seeks to provide front line professionals with a multi-agency framework to facilitate effective working with adults who are at risk due to self-neglect, where that risk may lead to significant harm or death if nothing in that person’s situation changes.

Please refer to the Multi-Agency Policy and Procedures Website (Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland) for further guidance and updates.

2. Direct Payments

A brochure has been produced which provides advice and information regarding safe recruitment of Personal Assistants:

A Guide to Direct Payments and Safe Recruitment

We also hold a list of Personal Assistants who work in the local area which is updated regularly:


Internal Direct Payment Documents

The below section refers to documents used by RCC staff in setting up a direct payment:


3. Advocacy



4. Charging and Financial assessment

Deferred Payment Agreement Information

Deprivation of Assets Information

Financial Advice Information

Paying for Home Care Information

Paying for Residential Care Information

Receiving Benefits and Paying for Care Information

Top-ups Information

5. Integration and Partnership Working

CHC – NHS Continuing Healthcare Needs Checklist

CHC – Continuing Health Care Operational Framework for Health and Social Care – July 2012

CHC – Rutland County Council Continuing Health Care Recharge Form 2015

CHC Beacon IA Service A5 Leaflet Designed_print marks_Jan 2016_FINAL

CHC Beacon IA Service A5 Leaflet Designed_print marks_Jan 2016_FINAL

CHC – Decision-support-tool-for-NHS-continuing-healthcare

CHC – NHS-Continuing Healthcare-Fast-Track-Pathway-tool

Health & Social Care Protocol – Leics, Leicestershire & Rutland 26 Nov 2013

6. Housing

The Rutland housing options team provide a helpful housing advice service and manage Rutland’s social housing register.

The Council’s housing register is an online application process and is available for anyone who qualifies under our housing allocations policy to join.

There are over 2,000 social housing properties in Rutland, all owned by registered social landlords.

Once you’ve registered through our online digital portal, the housing options team will verify your application and your application will be made live.

We manage the housing register and if you application for a property is successful, the housing options team will contact you.

Homeless or threatened with homelessness

The Homelessness Reduction Act 2017 introduced a new Duty to Refer requiring specified public authorities in England to notify local housing authorities of service users they think may be homeless or threatened with homelessness in 56 days.

If you are a professional and someone you are working with is homeless or is at risk of losing their home within 56 days, you can refer them to our housing options service. 

7. Care and Support Documentation

A-CS5 – Risk Assessment

A-CS7 – Care & Support Request & Self Assessment (Stocken)

A-SC8 – Care & Support Referral (Stocken)

Carer’s Emergency Card

CHC – Rutland County Council – Continuing Health Care Recharges Form

Green Bags – Key Information
Green Bags – What to keep in them and what is the intention
Green Bags – Contact details to go into Green Bags
Green Bags – One Page Profile

Transport – Social Services Transport Request Form


Pre admission poster

Guide for pre- admission


8. Carers Services

Admiral Nurse

Admiral Service Referral Form final

Rutland Admiral Nurse Service


9. Local Policy

Accessible Information

Accessible Info poster public areas

Accessible Info poster – staff

2016 07 Accessible info Standard – guidance – v1

10. Standard Letters

Letter Pack Front Cover

A-CSSL1 – Introductory Meeting and Assessment

A-CSSL6 Determination of Eligibility – Eligible

A-CSSL7- CSA Eligible Letter Eligible Carer meeting Needs

A-CSSL9 – CSA Not Eligible

A-CSSL10 -Review of Your Support Plan

A-CSSL11- Review of Your Support Plan Closure

11. Employment