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Adult Safeguarding

September 2017: A revised Section 1, Out of Hours Response: Urgent Social Care was added including Rutland Emergency Duty Team Processes, a Night Nursing Service Response Flowchart and the ASC Call Flowchart.

1. Out of Hours Response: Urgent Social Care

Click here to view Rutland Emergency Duty Team Processes and ASC Call Flowchart.

These arrangements are to cover urgent need for care and support for people who live in Rutland, which cannot wait until the next working day. These notes should be read in conjunction with the ‘Out of Hours’ guidance for on call managers.

Out of hours calls for social care will go through to the crisis response team or night nurses, depending on the time (see below).

Leicester City Council will deal with all Mental Health Act and safeguarding referrals (see Local Contacts).

Any calls that can wait until the next working day go to the Rutland Prevention and Safeguarding Team (see Local Contacts).

Daytime calls during office hours Monday – Friday go to Rutland Prevention and Safeguarding Team (details as above). Between 6.30am and 10.15pm Monday to Sunday calls needing an immediate response, contact Rutland County Council’s Crisis Response Service (see Local Contacts).

Between 22:00 and 06.30, calls needing an urgent response go to Leicestershire Partnership Trust’s Night Nursing Service (NNS) – see Local Contacts.

The Night Nursing Service will assess and decide on the approach needed:

  • where care needs can be met temporarily by family, neighbours etc. these arrangements should be agreed and the referral information passed to the Rutland Prevention and Safeguarding Team – for follow up response on the next working day, using the normal referral process or if needing a response at the weekend to Rutland County Council’s Crisis Response Service;
  • where overnight care and support is needed if the NNS have capacity they will deploy staff to meet immediate needs overnight. If the Night Nursing Service has no capacity (that is, if the service is full) they will contact the Rutland County Council on call manager;
  • the Night Nursing Service Response (10.15pm to 06.30am) Flowchart indicates the action to be taken by the NNS on receipt of a call. The RCC on call manager will only be called in the event that the NSS are unable to cover the situation.

2. Taking Immediate Action to Protect an Adult

If a safeguarding alert or referral is received by the Rutland County Council’s Crisis Response Service, which indicates an adult is experiencing or at risk of abuse or neglect, and there is an immediate or urgent risk, the worker who receives the alert or referral must take all steps necessary to protect the adult. This includes arranging emergency medical treatment, contacting the police and taking any other action to ensure the adult is safe.

See also Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Safeguarding Adults Boards’ Procedures.

3. Case Recording and Handover

Whether or not any immediate action is necessary, the Rutland County Council’s Crisis Response Service worker should record the facts concerning the alleged abuse or neglect on the adult’s electronic social care record. The worker should pass all necessary information to the relevant team in adult social care before the end of their shift. If the case is already allocated the out of hours worker will notify the allocated worker.

See also Case Recording.